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Enrollment for the spring semester 2024 is now closed. Welcome back in the fall!


All new students apply via email. Spots for previously enrolled students are guaranteed so long as tuition has been paid by

registration deadline.


Fill out the registration form

(one per child).

Students already enrolled must

re-register yearly in the fall.


Pay the tuition fee. A $50 late fee will be applied for applications made after start of the semester.


Sign up to volunteer. Minimum

2.5 hours per family per semester.

More info below.

Pay the Tuition Fee


1 child: $275

2 children: $525

3 children: $750

Four or more children? Contact us.

Buddy Member 

If you're not planning on being an active member of the Swedish School, you have the option to become a Buddy Member instead. Buddy Members will be able to participate in all school events. The annual fee is $50 per family per year.


The Swedish School is a non-profit that relies almost exclusively on volunteers. Each family is expected to contribute with 2.5 hours of volunteering each semester, such as baking for the cafeteria, helping out at events, keeping the library tidy, etc. Alternatively, for those who don't have time, you're welcome to contribute $100 per semester to our organization.


Svenska skolan Los Angeles
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